Books I’ve Read

In October of 2007, when I came home from my honeymoon, I started keeping track of the books I had read in a paper notebook.  I’ve kept it on my windowsill for 7 and a half years and have recorded 310 books in it during that time.  Tonight, I picked it up to add some titles I’ve read in the last few weeks, and I noticed tiny holes in several of the pages where something has BEEN EATING IT.  The horror.  I’d seen some silverfish recently, and I googled whether silverfish eat paper and found pictures that look exactly like the holes in my notebook.  *shudder*


So, I’m scanning the pages of my notebook into this website and throwing out the book.  Then, I’ll keep track of the books I read on the page listed above as Books I’ve Read.

Eat that, bugs.

Now, I’m off to exterminate the entire house….